Tuesday, June 2, 2015


          This experience is coming to an end. Only 10 days left, then I am home free! I have decided I am only working in two day increments from here on out. This coming Saturday, I am taking off to go to Universal Studios. I want to see Harry Potter World even if I go alone.

          Today I am working with Donald for the last time, unless I get sent to him during my spare shift. Looks like the only characters I will not have worked with who are available in Epcot are Alice, Belle, and Snow. Had I not been sick (and depressed), Snow would have been marked off that list. Alice and Belle would be the only two I had not officially worked with in Epcot, although when I worked with Chip & Dale, it was in Animal Kingdom. Anyway, it’s weird to look back on all this now. The repetitiveness of this sort of job becomes that much clearer when you look back.

          I’ve decided I have got to take bigger risks regarding myself. High risk, high reward. I am sitting in the Donald break room now. I am trying to figure out what the best use for my time will be in my coming days off. I wish more people were coming down to visit me. I could use the company and the fun. I may post something on Facebook. I don’t know. I’ve got to be careful about who I share said information with. Figuring out what to do tonight is tricky enough. I want to see “Cinderella” (the live-action movie), but I may just wait on that until I get home – or at least until one of my actual days off. There are just five more minutes left of my break. My head hurts and I feel very strange. My voice isn’t completely back yet either so I am avoiding talking as much as possible. Luckily, my photographer for the day speaks Spanish and Portuguese, so he is a major help since only about 20% of the guests that come through the area speak English. It’s a tough job in that regard.

          I will be so thankful for the day when I am not just watching the clock at my job.

          Hooray for trainers! I just got a 30 minute break 10 minutes after my 20 minute break thanks to newbies! I am so happy, especially since my voice is still recovering from this nasty cold. Seemed like the fastest 30 minutes ever, but that’s how it always is I guess. Onward with a peaceful day!

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