Thursday, May 7, 2015

Training & Adjusting (February 2015)

Training & Adjusting (February 2015)
          This entry (as well as the next entry) is going to cover what happened during my training for my role, my first days on the job, as well as my adjustment to living in Florida. I did not log any journal entries during this time. I was extremely depressed and powering through to the best of my ability. It was very, very tough. I hardly ever saw my roommates since each of us was so busy and on completely different schedules those first few weeks. And, I had no friends to speak of. Then again, who wants to befriend the girl that cries everywhere she goes?

          Traditions was just as everyone said it would be – boring. It’s a long, boring class that emphasizes how great the company is, why you should be honored to be working there, blah, blah, blah. They get the most annoying trainers in the world to speak to you as if you are five years old and retarded while training you. The most entertaining part of the class was at the beginning when one of the trainers asked me how to spell “Indianapolis” and then asked me to spell “Indiana”… Really? Common sense much? The class was supposed to be 8 hours long, but because no one can time anything correctly, it was 9 hours long. This class was actually held on Valentine’s Day too, so the words from my last entry are directly in regards to this lame freakin’ class.

          You are “supposed to” get your company ID at the end of class, however if you are me (and about three other unfortunate individuals) you are told that they did not get yours done in time, therefore you have to wait four more days before you can actually pick it up. COOL. You know what that means? No going to the parks or using your employee discount for the next four days while you have absolutely nothing to do! YAY!!!! *sarcasm* It also means you can’t pick up your costume or anything you need for the job either. Way to go, Disney! Can you believe that when I actually went to pick up my ID four days later the bitchy blonde lady behind the counter actually tried to tell me I would not be granted access into the parks anyway? I rolled my eyes at here and left saying, “glad Disney hires people like you.”

          I picked up my costumes from a woman that could not speak English (which was super helpful) and began training the next day. Training was all right, but pretty boring and self-explanatory. “Don’t yell at a child! It frightens them!” Well, no shit! Each day as training progressed I wonder what the hell I was doing there. Everyone else in my training group gave these wonderfully cheesy speeches about how “they were going to be the next Walt Disney” and “Walt wouldn’t want such-and-such to be like it is today!” I’m sorry, but wasn’t Walt a business man just as much as an artist? I’m sure he’d shun the millions of dollars that Frozen has made for the company. Riiiiight.

          Anyway, as training progressed, I developed what I called “my daily sob” where I would go in my closet as soon as I got home, sob for a few minutes, and then attempt to move on. I reached the final few days of training and I finally got a little hint of my purpose for being in this nauseating place. I was buttoning up Donald’s sailor jacket and walking him down the steps to our location. I felt myself feel the same way I always feel backstage at a dance competition. As a dance teacher, this is one of the most meaningful feelings in the world – knowing your student is about to perform, helping them get ready, and wishing all the best for them. I suddenly remembered those Disney commercials I had seen as a child and how much I really loved Donald and would have loved to go to Disney World and meet him. In that moment, there was a reason for my being there. Walking side-by-side with a nervous Donald, it was the first time since I arrived in Florida that I actually felt like I had a purpose and like I belonged. If I was going to make it through this program, I knew I had to hold on tight to that feeling and not let it go for anything.

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