Monday, May 4, 2015

Applying & Accepting


      This year, two years after I originally applied to DCP for the first time, I could finally see the Disney College Program being a true option for me. School would be finishing up soon and I was definitely ready for a change. I also wanted something big on my resume to bridge the gap between graduation and grad school. This past August (2014), I started researching the Disney College Program again. I have danced competitively since I was 5 years old and am a current dance instructor, so Character Performer was something I was naturally very interested in. If that is a job you are interested in, however, you are required an additional step in applying to DCP. You have to audition. Knowing this, I wanted to apply early so I did not miss the audition period (since I did a couple years ago when I first applied).

      I applied in mid-August, and things progressed just like before. While filling out my application, I only indicated interest in 5 roles, which may seem a little crazy when 35+ roles are available. Like I said before, I only wanted to express interest in roles that I would truly WANT to do. I chose Character Performer, Character Attendant, Entertainment Costuming, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, and Guest Services. I scored an online interview and then a phone interview. While being interviewed over the phone, I was asked why I checked so few roles, but I will tell you that being honest about how I knew I would do a better job performing the roles I actually wanted, rather than any role they would give me, really helped me in my interview. :) Don’t be afraid to be picky, and even more than that, don’t be afraid to be honest as to why!

      After the phone interview, my next step was to audition. During my interview, I was advised that if I was offered a role before my audition, (obviously other than Character Performer), I should accept. This is my advice to anyone applying for Character Performer, because if you do end up landing the Character Performer role after you have already accepted another role, the role you accepted prior will be voided and replaced with Character Performer. You are not locked into the other role.

      I attended the first audition offered, which was during the first week of October (2014) and found out the results of my audition during the last week of October. I was not offered a role prior to my audition, so I did not have to worry about accepting something else as indicated above. Although I did make the cut, I was not cast as a Character Performer in the end. I received my “We regret to inform you” email a day before I found out that I had, in fact, been accepted into the Disney College Program as a Character Attendant. I was just as excited for this. My occupational goal is to run, own, and direct my own dance company, so any form of directing, even being a Character Attendant, is valuable to me. For this reason, I think this role may provide an even better learning experience for me than Character Performer. I have performed my entire life, and even though there is always something new to be learned from each performance opportunity, I believe I will learn even more as a Character Attendant to be honest.

      I officially accepted my offer about four days after I received my congratulatory email, and I will be a Character Attendant in Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida this coming spring beginning in February 2015. This application process was not five days long like last time. It took well over two months to get my acceptance letter, so do not panic if you don’t hear from the Disney Company right away. I hope this information regarding my application process provides something beneficial for you if you are considering the Disney College Program for yourself. I can’t wait to log my actual experience once I am in Disney World, but I plan to share every step of the way leading up to it as well. :) ~Bethany

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