Sunday, May 24, 2015


          I made a wish long ago to be able to ride a rollercoaster whenever I wanted. Now, this was not a figurative wish. It was a very literal wish. Like most wishes I have made (whether a good thing or a bad thing), this wish, too, has come true. It’s great but it’s also fleeting, which makes it rather sad. It’s so funny how things happen in your life in ways that you had never expected. It’s almost like you know how things will go, yet it is so tough to make decisions at times. I think you are born knowing things that will happen to you. Too many wishes come true to reflect on it any other way.

          On my way out of Animal Kingdom today, I had a flashback – a real one, where I was suddenly transported to a place in my childhood. I was walking in the sun, watching my shadow, and felt like I was swinging. I kept closing my eyes because the warm breeze felt so good. Then, while I was walking towards the bus stop, I noticed the dirt mixture lining the sidewalk. There are a lot of bushes and trees behind the dirt patches. Nestled in between all the little twigs and soil was a snail shell. I haven’t seen a snail shell in, probably, six or seven years. I saw my backyard. I saw the grass beneath my feet and the old wire fence pushed against the trees and bushes. I saw the strange patches of dirt that lined the back edge of the backyard. All the snail shells were there. It was magical and I felt dizzy. I couldn’t walk in a straight line. It was so perfect. I suddenly felt like I had seen everything that very accessible rollercoaster had to offer me, and I felt like it wasn’t quite nearly as much as that snail shell. Maybe our shadows show the best sides of us.

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