Friday, May 22, 2015


          I’ve decided that today is going to be a good day. I have also decided not to change any previously made decisions for a little while. I need more time than just a few days. Right now, I feel good about my choice, mostly because I have been thinking much more about what I will do myself. After all, we are here to change the world. ;)

          Last night I wandered around Hollywood Studios by myself. It was so comforting. Even though it was fake and everything was stuck in the 1950’s, I still found the faux streets of famous US cities comforting. It was the closest thing to a real city I have found down here in Orlando. Even though it was fake, it made me homesick.

          Already on a break and the day just started. I am going to work hard to keep my mind occupied. I have to head back out in about 10 minutes. Again, time goes by so fast when you are doing what you want. Even that is a good thing. It gets me closer to the end of the day – work-wise, that is. I think I should have maybe only eaten one Pop-Tart instead of two… Regardless, I guess it’s better to be stuffed than empty in the stomach.

          Today is Easter Eve and I am celebrating with a Skype call to Eric and perhaps church, but I am not entirely sure yet. I wish I could attend church on Sunday, but then I would not get to work on time.

          I think I am going to take it easy tonight, although I could say that and end up doing something spur of the moment like always. I do need to create a schedule and such though, plus I would like to crochet – this is all if I don’t end up going to church, of course. The day has been going by pretty fast at least.

          YouTube seems to be fading. I really need it to pick up, which means I’ll have to work hard and play harder. I think my ideas for more intricate live videos will help. I guess I just need to get the camera rolling. I really want to pla something for down here in Disney World too. I am thinking of something like a ride cam and character dance – something funny that people will respond to like, “what in the world?” I can really use my family and friends’ help for this too. Speaking of which, I need to finance for when my family makes it down. I have the funds, I just need to space everything out correctly for things like food, drinks, and souvenirs. I am so freaking excited for their arrival. It’s going to be a blast.

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