Saturday, May 30, 2015


          My family is on the Magical Express now. As for me, I am on the bus, waiting for it to depart Vista. It is taking a painfully long amount of time. My suitcase is huge – stuffed with things to send home, and now my shoulder is injured from some unknown cause that mysteriously bothered it. My apt. had its April inspection today and we almost failed since people don’t know how to clean up after themselves, particularly the Duka Dukas. Luckily, I was home. If I had not been, we would have failed for sure. This bus is apparently leaving in 10 minutes. I have heard limited communication from my family. I am just so anxious to see them. For once, the bus is following the paper schedule. It’s miraculous, but really dumb considering most of us on here could have benefitted from it being early. I hate running late. I don’t want my family to spend all this time waiting on me, especially when they just got here. Due to the amount of stuff I have with me, I look and feel like I am running away. I kind of am and it’s kind of fun to be honest. If there is any place I would want to run away from, it’s here. I think we are actually leaving… Or not. Seriously? Why can’t this happen when I am on my way to my crap job? That would be much better. At this point I feel myself getting lazier with the job and more focused on myself. I need to write a new show around gaming. This is something I have been giving a lot of thought lately. I see all these people doing things that are really cool on Facebook. I also see a bunch of people auditioning for stuff. I need to be one of them.

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