Thursday, May 28, 2015


          I feel so lonely this morning. Eric and I got into a fight yesterday over me being jealous of what he has that I don’t have. It was my fault and I feel terrible about it. He was trying to help me feel more positively towards work, but I was in a bad mood and took everything the wrong way. Our conversation was a little tense after that. We made up, but I still feel uneasy about the whole thing. He called me after I had gone to bed so I spoke to him again while I was half-asleep. I guess going through the parks alone all night made the feeling worse. I just want to talk to him, but alas – work. I will call him again once I get to Epcot today. At least we have a dinner and a movie date tonight to mend the uneasy feelings.

          I just want to talk to my mom too. Last night I wanted to call her, but it was too loud and busy at the parks and I got home late and was too tired. I guess I just want to talk to someone close to my heart right now. I expressed my frustration to my mom yesterday because I was not going to be able to buy the extra ticket needed for our trip due to lack of funds. I know she felt really bad about the whole thing, but it wasn’t all her fault. It was my fault for not being more up front about everything. I just wanted her to hear me out.

          I talked to Big Bob and I feel a lot better now. She said a lot of things that meant a great deal to me. I am very grateful for her love, support, and understanding.

          I had the BEST night with Eric! We had date night over Skype and it was absolutely wonderful. <3 He bought me dinner and dessert, and we watched “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” together. Things got very intimate at one point as well. God, I love him so much! He really is the best boyfriend in the world. I pray that we will be together always.

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