Wednesday, May 27, 2015


          The days are getting closer! My family will be here in just 3 days – not 3 weeks. Yay! Just as it is with Eric’s visits, the closer it gets, the slower the clock seems to tick. I prepared all of my things last night. I have my clothes, necessities, stuff to send home, and gifts all in one big suitcase, and I have one big grocery bag full of food and snacks for the week. The only other bag I am taking is my backpack. I am just happy to have everything ready to go. The last thing I have to do is buy the extra ticket today. I am listening to Myrtle Beach music to get motivated. I have some fun plans this weekend too. Tonight I am going to Epcot & Magic Kingdom to have some fun. Tomorrow, after work, Eric and I have a date night planned. He is buying me dinner and we are watching “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” together. I am really looking forward to that. Sunday night is going to be pretty chill. I am doing laundry and preparing all last minute trip materials. (All while watching a movie or “The Golden Girls,” of course). Monday is when I will be so excited I won’t be able to stand it. I will savor every moment at least. I am confident that this trip will be absolutely amazing. <3

I keep looking back in this journal to see where all the pages went. It’s pretty amazing how much writing I have done in the past couple months alone. This really has been the ultimate therapy. It’s pretty unbelievable.

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