Wednesday, May 13, 2015


          Today is Ben’s birthday. I may go out and pick up a birthday present for him later, but we’ll see. It’s another chill day, which is the best kind of day. All I can think about is Eric and how wonderful he is. Transition points are so strange and overwhelming, yet they are the times when you learn the most. Today I am filling out my first round of BU paperwork. I need to get reading. Even so, I can’t help but crochet. It’s a wonderful addiction. I am also hungry right now, which never helps anything. After I eat I shall get started on everything. Today might just be the day when I find my quiet place. It is raining again, so we’ll see.

          So I still haven’t found my quiet place, but I did go to Epcot with Tat and Sarah. It was a lot of fun – more than I thought it would be. It’s nights like this that help me realize why I am here and how much fun I can have being here. I am just happy to have had such a great night. We’re here to change the world. <3 #CaptainEO

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