Tuesday, May 12, 2015


          Last night I ended up going to the pool and Wendy’s with my roommates super late. It was nice to do something by choice for once. I am having my granny day today, that way I have more than a single day before or after work to devote to it. I still need to call Big Bob and find my quiet place. It’s rainy today so it actually feels nice to be inside. Other than that, I talked to Eric last night. He is frustrated. I know exactly how that feels. I tried to help him feel better, which was a nice change of pace since that’s what he is normally doing for me. I like being able to help others and not feel so helpless myself. Then again, does anyone like feeling helpless? I am going to watch some Golden Girls, As Told By Ginger, and probably a movie today. I am just about to call home and sew/crochet – right after a cup of tea, of course. I think I am going to sketch up some ideas while on the phone. I need to get drawing. Oh yeah! One other thing! I lost my freaking blue caterpillar pin from Alice. I am so sad. Someone could have also stolen it, but I am not sure to be honest.
          I did it. I finally crocheted, called my family, drank tea, drew in my sketchbook, crocheted again, watched DVDs, made art, went outside, socialized, and wrote – I did it all! I am so proud of myself for having such a successful day off. I need to text my dad before I go to sleep. It was his birthday today. I feel bad that I forgot until now. This also means that Ben’s birthday is tomorrow. I want to do something for it, but I’m not sure what yet. I’ll have to figure that part out. I spent a long time catching up with my mom. It was great catching up with her. Today was a great day. Tomorrow shall be too. J

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