Monday, May 11, 2015


          Ugh! I am so freaking fed up with this job! You would think that the people in charge could actually do their job, but apparently not. All I want to do is go home. I seriously cannot wait until my family arrives. I know they will provide a breath of fresh air, but seriously… after that I’m home free! Last night, I didn’t really have much granny life, but I did get to go home early and socialize which was nice. I am moving my granny night to tonight because I won’t have to worry about waking up early this way. Eric has his game, but I hope I get to talk to him some more tonight. (Writer’s Note: Eric maintains an online DND game with his friends.) When he called last night, I had been sleeping & was super tired. Our conversation was pretty groggy on my part.

          I need to start sketching again. I want to do a city fantasy series for cons and a backyard series for myself. I also want to finish my manga, although I think I will have to do that once I am home rather than here. Perhaps I’ll work on it anyway. I just came up with a fabulous drawing to honor the cats. They will be pulling a chariot full of hearts to symbolize all the love they have brought to us here on earth. I know it will be beautiful. The sun is shining on me right now. I do believe it’s them.

          Maybe I should try and just remember their love when I am down. I am in the break room now. Everyone is confused by this nonsense schedule, so at least I’m not alone. This junk is balls. That’s how I feel about it.

          If someone had told me I would be sitting in Epcot’s Japan in Disney World (eating Udon noodle soup and writing in my journal) when I was a teenager, I would have called them insane and never believed it. Never say never, I guess. Finally I am off work, I talked to Eric, there is food in my belly, and I feel happy. I am about to go back through the Japan store, then I am going to buy a Captain EO pin before heading back home. I wanted to find a quiet space to sketch tonight. I wish I had brought my sketch book with me today. I will probably call Big Bob on my way home. It’s so peaceful in this little corner. Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow. Either way, I will find my own quiet place.

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